Comprehensive Resource Model


met Lisa Schwarz

21 - 22 - 22 en 24 mei 2019

The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) is a neurobiologically-based, emotion-focused treatment model which catalyzes the mind/body to safely access intolerable, affective trauma memories by utilizing layers of internal resources. These resources include attachment neurobiology, breathwork skills, somatic resources, connection to the natural world and relationship with self/intuition. The sequencing and combination of these resources, and the eye positions that anchor them, allow individuals to orient fully towards the most frightening material, accessing and clearing the origin of the split-second moments of survival threat and intolerable affects which are sourced in the midbrain and driving sub-cortical and cortical defense responses. These responses include pathological dissociation and lead to life-interfering symptoms, cognitions and addictions which subside once the neurobiological need for these responses is dismantled. Clearing trauma residues from the nervous system opens the way for positive affect, healing neuro-plasticity, and personal expansion, whether seen as spiritual or otherwise and is directly addressed in CRM. This 4 day training will introduce CRM clinical conceptualization, an overview of the neurobiological looping systems of trauma and healing in CRM, and detailed teaching of the resources used for safe trauma processing in practice. The methods used to convey this information are didactic lecture, demonstrations and practice dyads and Q and A.

Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed. is a Pennsylvania state licensed psychologist, consultant, and international educator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Beulah, Colorado. She is the developer of the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) and has spent the past 25 years dedicating her work to creating innovative methods for working with dissociative disorders (including medical/somatic dissociation), attachment disorders, and gestational trauma. She is a certified Trauma Model practitioner from the Colin Ross Institute, trained in Robert Schrei’s Sourcepoint Therapy, and practices Usui Reiki. Lisa’s clinical work and teaching provides a combination of psychotherapy, neuroscience, and spirituality in facilitating holistic healing from traumatic events. She is the primary author of "The Comprehensive Resource Model: Effective Techniques for Treating Complex PTSD" (Routledge 2017) with CRM featured as the cover story in Newsweek in April 2017.